Cosmetic remedies Rijeka

Cosmetic remedies Rijeka

With provide facial treatment manuals, and our beauty salon unites gear techniques to enhance the enduring endings of facial treatments. Below are some of the facial remedies we provided. The first facial treatment Rijeka we would love to introduce to you is Diamond Microdermabrasion Rijeka. The technique is terrific for all skin tone and types in addition to works to remove dead cells, which is to eliminate the surface of skin. We use it for the role of lessening of pores that are large, solving hyperpigmentation skin problem, regulation of sebum and loss of wrinkles or scars.

Exfoliation is also done through an ultrasonic spatula that in turn gets rid of those dead skin cells on your faces and ultrasound has a more profound result on clearing the pores. We provide a variety of Exfoliates from acid, mechanical or enzymatic, and according to your skin, we give the most appropriate treatment. It is followed by Vapozone that gives steam out directly away into the face, which expands the pores so that they can correctly open for mechanical purification or extrusion.

An exceptional convenience for the visitor of the Beauty Salon is possible through card repayment, The cards usable to get payments include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express, You can also cover the fees according to a one-time or in installments, Our Vacuslim 48 working hours are from Monday to Friday and 8: 30h to 20: 30h, Besides, we open Salon on Saturdays from 9:00-2:00 pm, Rijeka Beauty Salon presents distinct sorts of body and face treatments. To generate further information please head to

All of the essential details are available on the official site.Furthermore, we also present the gift voucher or package for your loved ones. You could also purchase it as an agency or simply buy a certain sum of money on a voucher. As a result, the person whom you’re presenting the present coupon can invest in some of Rijeka Beauty Salon services. A gift coupon can be the supreme gift for any occasion for your loved ones.

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