A short highlight on Kim Dao wedding

A short highlight on Kim Dao wedding

Kim Dao, who is a social media activity and a You Tuber, has a very memorable and lovely wedding event. Kim Dao has experienced one of the most amazing and incredible and beautiful phases of her and which are her wedding with her husband, Eric. Here, we are going to talk about how Kim Dao had her wedding plan and how she enjoys the most beautiful and blessed marriage on her special day. Kim Dao and her husband Eric were studying at both the same University that is the University of Western Australia and that is where they met and end up in marriage.

Kim Dao had expressed that she was so much interested and fond of learning japans cultures and traditions, and that is the reason why she joined Japan’s society where she met with new Japanese friends and her husband, Eric. Starting from that very moment, Kim Dao had a good relationship with Eric for nearly nine and a half years in Sidney, Australia. Starting from the young age Kim Dao was so much fond and interested in Harry Potter, and she was also a big fan of Harry Potter and to her surprise, she received one of the best gifts from her favorite place.

And her best gift was a proposal from her husband Eric and that too at the home of Replica of Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios Japan. And it was one of her most favorite places in the world, and her husband Eric proposed her in front of the castle, which was a very priceless moment for Kim Dao. Kim Dao and her husband Eric both were dressed in Hogwarts uniforms when her husband Eric proposed her.

Kim Dao and her husband Eric planned for their wedding, and they decided to have their wedding in January 2020, and the best part of their wedding was that they gave a mixed touch on their marriage. They planned their wedding to be quite traditional yet with some magical touch and essence on it, which makes it very much attractive and exciting.

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